Billet CNC designs and manufactures virtually any component for your custom masterpiece. We use cutting edge technology software and precision CNC Machines.

SolidWorks, one of the premier Solid Modeling programs is used to create your part in the computer. This file can be e-mailed to you for your examination and comments before approval for machining a physical part. The e-mailed file includes a browser which allows you to rotate the part for a view of all sides. Spindle speeds up to 40,000 rpm for mold, custom logo, and engraving services are available.

photo by Pierce's Computer Service
Whether you or your company is reverse engineering an existing part for a custom application, or machining a one of a kind creation to blow away the competition.

Billet CNC has the experience to create billet aluminum, stainless, metal or plastics parts to your specifications.

Allow us to manufacture your custom creation.